Diaspora Healthplan
This is an insurance cover tailored to put a smile on you and your loved ones no matter the distance.
Referral Specialists
As an alternative AAR is also able to refer members to any specialist at any facility in Uganda for any discipline.
Timely Response
We are committed to providing quality services in a timely manner.
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday (8:00-17:00)       Saturday (9:00-12:00)         Sunday (Closed)

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  • Medical Insurance

    We specialize in ensuring that our products are relevant to every individual or organization both locally and regionally for those clients with members or dependents in some or all the countries of East Africa.

  • Fund Management

    We offer fund management services for organizations that prefer the flexibility of choosing their own provider network, determine their own limits and product dynamics.

  • Rescue Services

    AAR Action is our medical emergency arm that provides professional rescue services throughout East Africa.



    Health Promotion


    Our health promotion department is and always will be there for all your needs. With provision of health talks on all the common diseases which affect you, weekly health tips on our social media pages and with the best practices you can adopt in order to stay healthy, you can guarantee a safe life no matter the place or area you are in.                                                                                          Under our health promotion department, we have the AAR wellness program where we give out items like glucometers, B.P machines, thermometers and so many other free medical checkup programs to encourage you to adopt the analogy of “prevention is better than cure”.

    Case Management


    The Case management department plays several roles to ensure a client’s safety and these include; being accountable for upholding, supporting and maintaining service excellence to facilitate customer satisfaction through prompt response to customer needs, daily visit to all hospitalized patients and calling on phone or e-mail to those upcountry or outside Uganda in order to provide advice on insurance coverage and ensure appropriate medical management.                                                                              They also provide quality customer care to all members, ensure clean safe environment for our patients, provision of health education to members, report admission and follow up AAR hospitalized clients after discharge among others.



    The membership department works around the clock to enable the smooth printing of the AAR membership Card

    With this card, a client can access all the health care services they need from the list of Clinics and Hospitals provided to them as per the package or contract agreed upon with AAR, in addition they can enjoy the AAR rewards and cash back policy using the same cards. (More information on this can be found under service delivery)

    In general, the department is responsible for the Enrollment of new AAR members into the system and renewal of clients when they expire.

    Data Analysts


    At AAR, our analyst work every day to enable our clients to receive a worthwhile product, usually what the client asks for is what we give, all the client as to do is give us his or her budget and our analysts will make sure they get what they require with the amount of money they are offering for an Insurance package.



    With our underwriting department, we have a medical team which makes sure you are well aware of your medical condition by encouraging you to do medical checkups, they then advise you on how to go about the situation depending on the results of the checkup, and go on to propose necessary treatments you may need to guarantee you good health.



    The sales department is very crucial in as far as a client accessing our medical insurance is concerned. They look for you , find you and tell you all about our medical insurance packages, they then go ahead to process and work on your needs and make sure all your medical insurance cards are delivered in time once you are finally enrolled. They later call you from time to time to check how you’re finding our services and are the contact people for you in case of any circumstance that may arise.